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Health Resort "Sanvit"
Addressul. Staszica 8
Phone number54 283 42 81

We invite you sincerely to visit "SANVIT" the Health Resort Sanatorium, situated about 200m from the graduation tower and the open brine swimming pool. Our object makes a 3- storey-house, surrounded by a big park. The site is fenced, securing a quiet and safe repose. The abounding offer of our Sanatorium is addressed in the same degree to generation of grandparents, parents, and grand children as well. We are all taking efforts to make your sojourn here possibly attractive.

We invite you sincerely to our newly opened indoor brine basin of 2-3% salinity, dimensions 12m x 6m x 1,5m depth.

The basin is adapted for needs of disabled persons, and is assigned for rehabilitation, for exercises led under supervision of an instructor and for swimming.
 We are offering you places in 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-person rooms with bathrooms and balconies of diverse standard. Comfortable rooms (equipped with a TV-set, a telephone, a bathroom, a balcony), a spacious dining room and functional rooms of an generally accessible character are letting to have a repose under comfortable conditions.

In our Sanatorium you will receive the full package of therapeutic treatments. All treatments are carried out by our highly qualified medical staff. We are in possession of an own modern, sumptuously equipped operative base. We are offering about 40 diverse therapeutic treatments to our patients and we secure a twenty-four hours' medical and nursing care. There are two consultation rooms and a nursing duty room, where basic medical examinations can be carried-out within the treatment centre.
We are specializing in treatment of:

  • diseases of circulatory system
  • chronic illnesses motion organs
  • illnesses of respiratory system
  • diseases of nervous system.

"SANVIT" Sanatorium has the status of a Non-public Establishment of Medical Care, authorizing the patient to deduct treatment costs from his tax duty. We have also got the registration A and B of Government Plenipotentiary for Disabled Persons, allowing us for organization of rehabilitation turn courses.
Our Sanatorium offers a wide range of procedures being carried-out in our own procedure base.

Our hall for individual exercises is equipped with diverse rehabilitation outfit, as for instance: a kit for corrective exercises, tracts, bicycles, atlas, rotor, as well UGUL-s.
We propose to our patients also schooling in horseback riding, horseback rides, as well as hypo-therapy, which is particularly desirable for persons with DPM. The occupations are directed by highly qualified instructors. We have 4 horses (2 ponies among them). Occupations are taking place every day except Sundays.
Treatment and rehabilitation are supported by a suitable diet (kinds of diet - light diet, liver diet, diabetic diet, 1000 calories, gluten-free diet, normal diet, as well as other elimination diets).

*** Our offer remains valid during the whole year. ***









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