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Health and Beauty Clinic "Villa Park"****
Addressul. Warzelniana 10
Phone number54 283 53 17

The Hotel "Villa Park" offers the highest standard of service. The rooms are equipped with telephone and satellite TV. Guest of the hotel are allowed to use all services of our Health and Beauty Clinic. Our restaurant offers tasty meals. Our Chef de cuisine guarantees that all meals consider the requirements of every patient's of the Health and Beauty clinc diet. Our guests are invited to visit theater, various cultural performances in Ciechocinek, Torun or Bydgoszcz under our guidance.

60 rooms on three floors are available for our guests:

  • 11 one person room STANDARD
  • 3 one person room STANDARD with big terrace
  • 17 one person room KING
  • 8 one person room KING with big terrace
  • 3 two person room
  • 5 two person room "STUDIO"
  • 3 two person room "KING"
  • 4 two person room "DUO"
  • 5 apartments
  • 1 apartment "BUSINESS"

The price of one room includes breakfast, Aqua Salt Park - Poland's only brine swimming-pool with cristalic clean water (massages, artificial waves, water streams, underwater music), jacuzzi and a medical consultation.

Apart from that we offer:

  • Restaurant PRELUDIUM for 100 persons
  • Cafe SWING with fire place ( summer garden )
  • Summer Cafe SWING ( summer garden )
  • 2 conference rooms "BUSINESS" - for 20 persons
  • 1 conference room - for 200 persons
  • 2 parking sites for 80 cars
  • The Hotel and our Health and Bauty Clinic are prepared to put up handicapped guests.

Clinic Health and Beauty

In the middle of Poland - 200 km away from Warsaw, in the heart of the Kujawy lies the countries largest low-land spa resort - Ciechocinek. Its curative properties are due to the natural curative brine evaporation and the unique microclimate, which is similar to the seaside climate because of its high iodine content, but it is much milder.
The Health and Beauty Clinic Villa Park is the most modernly equipped object of this kind in Poland, we grant you a very wide range of offers for individuals and conference guests in a unique warm-hearted atmosphere.

"To preserve youth and regenerate your organism" that is the motto of our Health and Beauty Clinic in Ciochocinek.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen !
The high pollution the electro-magnetic smog, long working with artificial light and wrong nutrition cause typical diseases, which are dangeros for our health and life.


Knowing about the lifestyle of modern man, we prepared unique weekend programs based on the newest technoligical developments. These programs combine complex biological renewal of the organism with active relaxation, physiotherpeutic and cosmetic treatments:



Thinking of people who want to relax in an active way and regenerate their organism the Health and Beauty Clinic Villa Park has prepared some special prophylactic programs:



We prepared two versions of curative programs for you:


Their unique property is an individual selection of therapies during the first medical consultation, which is necessary for effective treatment.

We offer you constant medical care, the highest quality of therapies in one price class, food, acommodation, the Aqua - Salt Park, care for your child.

Basing on our highly qualified medical personal and equipment of a new generation we use the newest achievements of technology to offer you several programs in the versions PRESTIGE and EXCLUSIVE:

  • treatment of overweight
  • treatment of backaches
  • treatment of neurosis
  • treatment of migraine
  • treatment of osteoporosis
  • revitalization
  • treatment of chronical diseases of the respiratory
  • treatment of allergies



We invite you to the Restaurant "Preludium", where the richly filled snack-bar tempts with its apearance and provides you a good mood in the morning. We offer dainty polish meals and meals of other nations. The picturesquely situated health park and the friendly service staff allow to spend a nice time in our restaurant.
For children we have prepared a fancily ilustrated fairy tale menu, where enchanted meals tempt with their content. Our menus has been planned according to the theory of blood types and Feng Shui.


Fans of music and coffet we propose the Swing Cafe with a wide offer of desserts and chosen drinks, prepared by our barkeepers. Every Friday and Saturday we invite you to attend our life-music evenings.


We are specialized in preparing banquet for companies and individuals on the hotel's territory. According to the wishes of our guest we will organize every banquet in the Preludium restaurant.
During the banquets we quarantee for the service staff, the life music bands and stars of the Polish music scene.
Apart from the standard menu sets we serve tematic buffets in accordance to our guests' suggestions. We especially invite young couples: our wedding offer contains a dainty menu and a lot of surprises like a English hotel taxi, which will drive the honeymooner to their wedding and a present from the hotel: an apartment for the wedding night with breakfast.
All that will cause, that this most important moment in life will become really unforgetable for the young couple and their invited guests.


Our gastronomy branch recommends big offer of catering services, we can reach every place to organize a picnic or a festive family party. We posses professional catering equipment, with which we are able to serve up to 200 people, all decorations and table arrangments are prepared according to the client's wishes.

Offer for Companies

Hotel Villa Park assembly room offer

In the Villa Park Hotel we posses a conference room for 200 persons with the possibility to drive in with a car and two conference rooms for groups of 20 persons.

The standard equipment includes: Speakers, flipchart, table, screen, Air conditioning.
The lieght in all rooms can be dimmed.
Additional equipment: Multimedia projector + Computer, Overhead projector, Video/DVD.

Attractions offered by VILLA PARK

For people who take advantage of our assembly rooms we can offer the following attractions:

  • Tennis fans are invited to play on our tennis courts on grass or on clay;
  • One of our greatest attractions is our mini golf cource ( 9 holes );
  • Spend your leisure time on a tour by bike or a horse driven tram;
  • Open-air events near to the ruins of an old castle in Raciazek will provide unforgettable impressions to our guests;
  • Horse riding fans are invited to explore nature on horseback or on a by horse driven carriage;
  • Artistic performances - we are able to invite stars of the Polish scene, revue groups or rock bands according to your wishes - the hotel cooperates with an events agency, which has the possibilities to fulfill your expectations.
  • theme evenings: mexican, italian, french, old-polish, marine
  • special therapy packages for companies in our Health and Beauty Clinic
  • Parties on the "Hawaiian Beach"

Recreation and relaxation

Now you do not have to search for...
...a place that will help you to take a rest from the big city world and regenerate your health
...sources with curative properties, which will heal your organism.
... a microclimat, which makes every even short stay to regain your strength.


  • Minigolf
  • Tennis courts
  • Biking
  • Body Building
  • Fitness Club
  • Solarium
  • Aqua Salt Park
  • Horse Riding
  • Tourism

Hotel Klinika Zdrowia i Urody
ul. Warzelniana 10

87-720 Ciechocinek
Tel.: 054/41 641 00
Fax: 054/41 641 25




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